Greg Koch: Speedy Blues Salvos Lesson @


  1. Mats Peterson

    This is easy stuff that I've been doing since eleven. I'm trying to improve my alternate picking skills at 54, lol…

  2. Rick Anderson

    Said to Mice-elf:.., "dude I know that lick", then was tossed by GK the flat5 , and suddenly mine eyes perked up: "Tonus Diabolicus!" said I. Diggin' your grizzle since 2007; more salvos please Gregory!

  3. im annonymous

    What he can't go slow ennuff that a bad guitar player might learn something   holy fkk is he ever talented.   but slow down  lol

  4. Sim On

    "…but hey hey the blues is all right…"
    He killed me!!!

  5. Convisis

    Nice to see Festus McCorkindale getting some props here, highly underrated blues master.

  6. Oceanmachine27

    Man, I remember my first Festus McCorkendale and the All-Night Pounders record. Then I saw them live in Budokan in '68 and my life was never the same again.

  7. omstrat

    Great player but gets to be too much with the funny comments after awhile

  8. playon51

    Yes the world badly needs more tasteless recycled blues licks.

  9. rainy78

    Greg has got to be one of the funniest guys out there and he's a damn good guitar player, he's hard to beat! Love u Greg

  10. Benjamin Zuckerman

    My favorite guitarist. Oodles of talent, and he plays with more humor and creativity than anyone else I have ever heard – a perfect mix of rock, blues, country, and Monty Python.

  11. clovisman001

    Greg has what my dear 92 year old mother called "the gift of gab" (always able to say something). Love it. She used to have to listen to me practice Pipeline and Memphis.
    Oh YEAH Greg can play the guitar like "ringin' a bell." GO-GO…Greg.

  12. jonasenva

    Anyone here who does this while alternate picking? Greg seems to be sweeping, but i find it hard to get that to sound good rythm-wise. Hybrid picking is an option, i guess…

  13. CusterFlux

    I've been playing rock guitar for 30 years, and I've NEVER played ANY of those riffs!
    ( and … of course … I'm a total fucking liar ).

  14. tsmith01220

    good stuff but cut the stupid comments out and would have more time for lesson.

  15. Giuseppe 85

    The full video of this lesson is available on the fender website under online lessons, its about 8 min long

  16. Martin Svärd

    A tip to all those who wants to play this blazing fast and not get stuck like Greg Koch (no offense he's awsome) is that you downpick/sweep the three first strings (G B E) then do a uppick and pull-off on the b string. That will make so much easier 😉 When you have master to sweep, of course.

  17. Will Smyser

    @goldenchopsticks I was being sarcastic. Sorry to confuse you. I've seen him sweep too. I was just making fun of all the people that hate sweeping. Greg is amazing and the fact that he can use something like sweep picking in a way that is very musical proves it even more.

  18. goldenchopsticks

    @GuillermoSmyser Ive seen Greg sweep in a bluegrass-ish jam before. It's obvious he's not a mindless shredder.

  19. Will Smyser

    Oh no! did he say SWEEP?!?!? There is nothing musical about that. Anyone who doesn't hate sweeps with a passion isn't a musician their just a mindless shredder!

    But seriously Greg is awesome

  20. Roberto Mysterioso

    Greg acts a little psychotic. I wish he'd come back to earth and communicate where we all understand.

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