Guitar Thumb Position – Justin Guitar – Guitar Lesson [QA-001]


  1. Jade S

    i almost always have my thumb way up above the neck unless im playing barre chords.. it might be bad technique not sure. But i find it feels better because when i move my thumb down it causes my wrist to bend a lot and it also makes it harder to curl my fingers.

  2. ______I Love you

    OK thank you so much. I've been playing for about a year and then someone pointed out that my thumb was not in the "right" position. So I've been trying, very unsuccessfully and painfully, to put it in the "right" position. As a result my wrist is so sore and I can only play a few chords. And was starting to think I just wasn't going to be able to play, or play properly anyway. So thank you so very much.

  3. Erick Tiki

    THANK YOU THANK YOU……Ive had so many people tell me that my thumb placement is wrong but, as a beginner I find the way I place my thumb comfortable for my hand and thus enjoy my practice time much more. Like you said, "if it feels comfortable then keep doing it" and that is what Im going to do….thank you again!!!!

  4. hmu Philly

    After Justin played that solo I was like I give up I can't do that and I don't feel like I'm professing anywhere

  5. autocrow

    Makes sense. I'm holding my thumb too high on the neck when playing the small strings and it limits my finger movement and makes my fingers all angled. I want to grip the neck too much. I think I'll try using a strap. I notice that I tend to hold the neck less when I use a strap even when sitting. Then I know it's not going anywhere and I can hold my thumb against the back of the neck where it belongs.

  6. cco10399

    Thank-you for this video.  Although there was no definite answer for thumb position, there are different thumb positions for different guitar techniques and  where the thumb feels comfy as Justin mentioned.

  7. Sam Saunders

    So im finding it difficult to bend.. I try wrapping my thumb around the neck but that's uncomfortable and if i have my thumb at the back of the neck i cant bend very well. Someone help!

  8. Renaissance Man

    I find it easier to play chords and notes that are on the first few frets and strings closest to edge of the guitar fretboard and less painful than traditional positioning. One guy was telling me not to do this and had me use a super painful uncomfortable traditional placement.

  9. Kaan bistren

    My thumb is much comfortable when it is straight should i angle it to the left like justin?

  10. painnutplay9

    I have such small hands that if I want to do a bend and stick my thumb around the neck, my other fingers cant reach well and my hands feel unconfortable.
    I can't wrap the neck with all fingers like almost every guitarrist, only putting my thumb in the upper part but without any thumb part sticking out in front of strings, i don't know if i'm expressing correctly, but its frustrating cause i feel limited when doing bends y feel like i can not do enough force and i don't know if I have to make force from my fingers partly to help the pivoting and reach a bent note.

  11. Omega

    Gotta love Justin's stuff. Started to feel conscious about where my thumb was going, 2 minutes later find he's got a video addressing that. Top guy!

  12. Newsman

    Thank you so much Justin
    this is fantastic I was told strictly to keep my thumb perpindicular (@ 90° to the neck for everything the only variable being how far up or down the neck profile. I have really struggled with this with my wrist being in some very painful positions pushing me to the verge of giving up but after watching this at times with your thumb being parallel to the neck dependent on what you are playing has given me a whole new lease of life I am now able to keep my wrist straight. My guitar journey is now progressing speedily and satisfactory thank you so much keep up the great work

  13. merlinharp

    Very, very helpful. I also have a question about wrist position–some people say that your wrist needs to be always strait. I have trouble with that because my hands are pretty smallish. Do you also have a video about wrist position?

  14. Amy Head

    What I have trouble with is when trying to wrap my thumb over the top to grab a bass note, my fingers flatten out over the higher strings and I can't get clear notes on them. I can do full barre chords no sweat but on occasion I want the open A string so wrapping my thumb around seems the only solution. I also find I have to squeeze super hard to get clear notes like this, which means my fingers don't want to move if say I want to play with sus chords or hammer ons and pull offs. Any tips – I've tried moving my elbow around to see if that makes a difference with the angle of my hand but to no avail. Driving me a little crazy – all the songs I want to do have this over the top thumb thing going on.

  15. HankieDude17

    If you can switch between open chords fluently and can sing with them then start practicing barre chords. practice songs with barre chords. If you are done both then start doing stuff like minor and major pentatonic scales and licks. After that I highly highly recommend learning styles of famous players with Hendrix being my go to cuz it's fun. Eventually you can start improvising over jam tracks. 

    P.S. You can learn different songs along the way but I highly recommend learning them through video lessons or by ear rather than tabs because it helps with your observation and listening skills

  16. Todd Thompson

    Can anyone help me with this question only been playing 6 months but when playing open cords my thumb is pretty much at 90 degrees except the c cord an then its parallel with neck at 45 degrees it seems the only way for me to get it clear but im afraid its a bad habit any help is much appreciated

  17. Allen Hobson

    Thanks Justin!  After a couple of months trying to learn a fingerpicking song which required wrapping my thumb over the bottom for the F chord I went back to playing something else and was fretting (no pun intended) over where my thumb placement was because it was no longer centered on the back of the neck.  Now I will stop worrying about it and just play!

  18. CaptainCat 15

    i'm an intermediate/intermediate-advanced player, and i actually found this really helpful! i never really thought of the way i position my thumb but now that i think about it, i need to work on it when playing scales and such. thanks, Justin!

  19. TheSpareRIP

    The large white letter in the intro kinda looks like a camel looking bacl

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