How To Change Acoustic Guitar Strings – Guitar Lessons


  1. dudeitskaren

    Same exact thing happens to me. I put a towel over the pegs (so the guitar doesn't get scratched} and with a hammer, push down on them (not hit them). It's worked out so far. The only thing is that you have to make sure you dont push them in so hard they get stuck.

  2. jcraig411

    You need to have a camera closer in when you do that crucial over-under wind. It's kind of useless without it.

  3. StopThat Man

    does the string snap from the bridge or does it actually crack in to 2 pieces?

  4. Linah Oh

    I have a problem. When I'm tuning my guitar, I break the strings. What am I doing wrong ? Please answer me

  5. Sam Butler

    i live in australia and i don't have a string winder, just wind the strings with your fingers…

  6. Vaysm

    If you have a nice guitar that's a ridiculous waste.

  7. revelation Rhea

    you can tell some of you don;t know about guitars caz you don;t even know to use your hands to change the guitar strings

  8. Hanzo Hasashi

    idiot you dont need winder to learn how to change strings just doi t with your hands…

  9. chinasepicadventure

    Idiot, alot of guitarists have long fingernails becaues it sounds alot better when you strum the strings then.

  10. rfn944

    You had a closeup of the bridge pins, but it would have been helpful to have a closeup of the windings at the neck. Never knew a winder exsisted. Will have to look for one. I like tools anyway.

  11. milsim4ever

    i'm from america and i dont have a string winder you can do it just as easily if you just turn the tuning machines with your hand as if you were tuning it

  12. j.k. san migel

    dude you dont have to have a string winder its not rocket science you turn the tuning key not sure whats hard about that?????

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