How to play Chords and Melodies Together | Lady Bird Jazz Standard Lesson


  1. Bernie

    Paul, did you use the Beat Buddy to make the backing track? Thank you.

  2. Bernardo W. Lopes

    Paul, I just wanna say, THANK YOU

    I started playing guitar by myself, 7-8 years ago, strumming the bass notes of smoke on the water on my mom's old guitar. Youtube was my friend and I learned chords, progressions, overall theory, and even solos, with the awesome channels youtube graced us during that time (justinguitar, martyschwartz, etc).
    Since then I pretty much attained what I wanted, which was being able to rock out to some of my favorite rock and metal tunes, and playing that solo from crazy train and mr crowley. My god, the joy of playing that from start to finish. Thing is, as I began to get better, I started to want to be better at fingerpicking, at analysing chord progressions, and breaking out of the norm, playing some melodies merged with the riffs, all of that. Since I got into college, bout 4 years ago, I significantly dropped the guitar due to time, other activities and loss of interest, because without classes, I didn't feel confortable browsing all the info out there about inversions, chords progressions, riffs, whatever. Maybe I just wasn't interested enough.

    But since this last year, I started to listen to a lot more jazz, funk, old 70s rock, r&b, some indie rock, just breaking out of the standard rock and metal, and the guitar bug came back.

    I was browsing youtube and I was lucky to run into your channel. It's like half of your videos are made for me! All those little nuances that made me question why my standard boring ass playing didn't quite sound like I wanted. I've already been browsing stores for a new guitar to add my other two and I'm stoked! I'm graduating this year and I'm sure I'm going to be playing guitar almost everyday and I'm at least going to learn some of the things I've been putting off, like in this video right here! I really like writing music and this is but a simple trick to really open up those chords!

    Sorry for the rant, but I just wanted to drop some love. You sound like a genuine person, truly immersed in what you do. I always notice the effort you put into the quality of the videos, the pace in which you speak, the calmness, even the humour. Never lose that passion!

    Cheers from Portugal.

  3. Bushviking

    Keep bringing on these "semi-easy" jazz standards Paul. Exactly what I need to grow! Very well demonstrated. Tempo and level of detail spot-on!

  4. Vince Tuckwood

    Fantastic lesson, Paul. Quick question the first time you hit the Ab maj, it looks like a C# min with Ab root – am I misreading your fingers?

  5. eno gibson

    I just can't unsee "Olofmeister" (professional counterstrike player playing for the team "FaZe") when I look at you.

  6. Jan Depardiusz

    Paul, do you know The Durutti Column? It's really interesting band for guitar players.

  7. TheFluzzifer

    Hey Paul, great videos and also great guitar tones. I was wondering what profiles you're using with the Kemper?

  8. 김브리 TV

    I'm not good at english. But I thought I should write down some comment! I live in south korea, seoul!
    Thank you for your lesson ! You gave me a useful advise, so I'm very happy to practice guitar!

    Ps. Your mustache is so nice, Cool..Anyway, handsome!

  9. Piet Muijs

    Nice video! Little thing. On my headphones/speakers I noticed a very low thumping/humming sound. I thing from your food ad other random noise. It can actually be pretty disturbing. Just throw an highpass filter on your videos around 65-75Hz and that will be a lot better.

  10. How To Play Easy Guitar

    Thank you, Paul, for all of your videos, Keep up the amazing job! Here is my Instagram challenge video, i love Lady Bird.
    Congrats for the 500K!!

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