How to Play Hey Hey, My My by Neil Young on Guitar with Mark Mckenzie


  1. Maël DANIEL

    Merci beaucoup, vraiment!! Même moi qui suis française tu articules vraiment bien et tu montre parfaitement les accords, c'est donc facile de comprendre et d'apprendre ! Merci beaucoup tu es un excellent professeur et très bon choix de morceau! 🙂

  2. Thomas Lahr

    Title should be how to play half of a verse from Hey Hey My My…you should have shown the other half.

  3. Gareth Jones

    Mark, fantastic song and your teaching method is great , but please put the second part on for us beginners !

  4. Ralph A.

    Great lesson , I think this is the best so far, for me anyhow.

  5. Arthur Carlson

    You are a superb teacher, please teach us the rest of the song with the nuances which you described!Thank u!

  6. Clive Thompson

    Great to have found someone who wants to teach without showboating their own talent. Have subscribed – thank you.

  7. Neil Jose

    Sir, could u please make a video on the remaining part of the song ?

  8. Thomas C

    wow, you explain this better than others with ten times the number of views, thanks

  9. R Sanders

    Thanks Mark, there's so many inaccurate versions out there but yours is spot on.

  10. Kenneth Gordon

    Out of all the lessons I have watched on Youtube regarding this classic Neil Young this is the best. Thank you

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