How to play ‘Last Remaining Light’ by Sylosis Guitar Lesson w/tabs


  1. Thanasi97

    Please consider doing more Necrophagist solos. Stabwound, Diminished to B and Epitaph would be amazing

  2. xwarhumm3lx

    More Sylosis Stuff would be incredible… Teras maybe 🙂
    As always thank you very much for this great lesson

  3. David Peat

    Haha any chance of revisiting the afterlife solo with tabs!? Would love to see bpms for songs too!

  4. Phobia

    Thanks for the lesson, Chris. I was really hoping for testaments practice what you preach solo. Its one of Skolnicks best

  5. Ali Kaya

    It might have been a little bit better if you had done Servitude by Sylosis but this lesson is amazing too.Thanks Zoupa!We appreciate what you do!

  6. Mari Mar Martin

    Its wonderful seeing people that likes sylosis, its really unlucky they are so unknown. At least josh got architects now i guess

  7. bhargav kalita

    Will u please kindly start giving the tone settings for your lessons please that will be very helpful

  8. Akash Timsina

    Wow never heard of this song… Will hear it for sure now and the starting pieces of this solo really sound like a steve vai solo….

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