How to play Maria Elena (Key=G)


  1. jawadina jawad

    wow u know what i love? tutorials where the guy just plays the song without saying anything because of course all of us already knows this song and merely has to see someone play it to play it too fantastic i love counting the frets but hey it must be because i'm a dumb shit who cant obviously see what fret its on, man i love watching it over and over again until i friggin hate this song now, great job man thanks a lot

  2. getardon

    Gosh that was fun to play along with. Great backing track …Thank You

  3. AldoGuru OhmGuru

    Thanks a lot Mr. Masatoshi. Your video has been useful to me. Very well done.Easy to practice and learning. Just what people, like me, that are fond but not professional of music are looking for. Thanks again.

  4. Masatoshi1951


  5. muderavatin kanyasay

    WOW! That was very well shown in the video. Thanks a lot. If you happen to have the notes (tab), would appreciate very much if you cansend it to me. Thanks again.

  6. garymichael1950

    First song I ever learned on the guitar back in the stone age/ I still don't play it well… Thanks for the lesson. I'm going to work on it!

  7. acegitaar

    Beautiful Mr Masatoshi !!!

    Thank you very much!


    Guitar Greetings from The Netherlands

    I will play the solotune on your guidance – Thanks again for uploading
    your beautiful performance…..

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