[R&B Guitar Lesson] The Way by Jill Scott


  1. Deonn Lindsey

    I absolutely love this bro! Great work man! Please keep 'em coming! I've learned so much! Thank you!

  2. S J R

    Best one you've done yet. Awesome job, man. Thank you again.

  3. Andre Barracks

    good stuff bro. Def a lot of room to play with other ideas thx for the vid. Keep em coming boss

  4. Bureh B-K

    Hey Kerry thanks for these videos I really appreciate it. I’ve been following you for a couple years now and I’ve learned so much from you… Can you please teach a lesson on rhythm and how to improve downstrokes when you palm mute?

  5. Maulima

    Cara aprendendo muito , com suas dicas Deus abençoe grandemente. Valeuuuu


    I like to see you playing ReB in Brazil I do not have this content on youtube that God bless you.


    May God bless you and may you accept Jesus and live out his word and praise his name with this wonderful gift of God.

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