Snow Patrol Chasing Cars Beginners Guitar Lesson with tabs


  1. Christiaan Scheepers

    Out of all the chasing cars tutorials on youtube, this one is the best. No bullcrap about websites, just a good teacher doing his thing. Thanks a million!

  2. Chantell Chitanda

    Omg 😲 that was the easiest tutorial ever all other ones were to confusing thank you so much 😊 for the help

  3. herensugeak

    Hi sorry but I'm more than a beginner and don't know when and how to rub the strings…

  4. dominion rule

    thank you.really appreciate you taking the time to upload this tutorial.your a good teacher.

  5. Anael Flores

    Hello¡ first of all thanks for the tutorial¡ im just thinking… what exactly takamine you use for this video? thank you very much¡¡¡


    Thank you so much for the lesson! You made it perfectly clear, I'll keep on practicing!

  7. Steve T

    thanks buddy, been wanting to do this cover for a while only took up playing at 51

  8. akira makoto

    this is really a good guide video for the beginner like me.. thank u very much sir!

  9. Jones Tones

    Thank you for all the comments. Please check out my new guitar lesson video for Snow Patrols Run with TAB and solo.

  10. julesroolz

    Hi, it the guitar tuned EADGBE? doesn't sound right on mine! thanks x

  11. A. Xenneco S.L

    hi, im a begginer, i have a question. In the first part you touch the stings 4-3 (always), but in the second part, what strings you touch?

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