Beginner Guitar Chords 1 – The D Major Chord


  1. Sarah L

    My 2nd finger (middle finger) won’t stay down completely once my other fingers are in place . 😓😩 what do I do???

  2. Dayne Kujawa

    Switch the pointer and middle finger in the way that you would play d minor, but don't move any frets. That's how play it and it's much easier to transition to different chords

  3. Autumn night

    This was the first video I watched when I got my guitar. I am now able shred and sweep pick

  4. WH1SK3YJ4CK

    These videos are fantastic, I'm thinking if I go through this playlist every day I'll be absolutely flying. Cheers Mark. 🙂

  5. Ted

    I r8 8/8 m8, this was gr8 we all believe in f8 no h8

  6. Mary Bryan

    Hey Mark: Beginner here at 61 years of age. The question I have is how fast should I be progressing through the chords? Had my guitar for a week now and still working on the major chords A and D.

  7. Nuryna Asri

    Hi! I just want to ask you about something. Is it normal to have lines (kind of deep ones) on my fingers after I press the strings? I'm really a beginner in guitar and I have chubby fingers. When I press the strings, my fingers have red lines on them. It does go away minutes later tho.  

  8. Rob Donkers

    This guy is awesome :). I dont have too much money to spend on guitar play and you make it accesible for me to learn it without having to take professional classes. Seriously cheers to you!

  9. Curtis McKenzie

    someone told me that these series of videos are a great way to learn how to play my guitar so i thought i would give it a shot.

  10. sami

    Hi Mark i would like to thank you for your very informative videos, could you kindly please give me the link to download the chord book you showed I don't seem to be able to find it, i appreciate your help 

  11. András Paranici

    Thanks for the download page for the chord book! I needed it and still need it 🙂   

    You teach very well and understanding. Thank you again

  12. bygrace2me

    Just have to say…I make educational videos in a different industry for a large textbook publisher, and your videos here are VERY well done! Excellent lighting, clean yet casual and relaxed presentation, just the right pace and detail, doesn't sound scripted and gets right to the point…I can't say enough good stuff about these  videos from the perspective of a producer of educational media. And as a neophyte guitar player…you're hitting on exactly the topics I need to know, giving just enough information in a quick and enjoyable video. 

    One question I do have that I haven't found yet is how to change chords when the change doesn't line up with the beginning or halfway point in a bar. Sometimes in the songs I'm trying to play, the chord changes are on every beat or even don't seem to line up with the beat at all–any tips to know when the chord change should happen, and how to keep up? I'm finding it really difficult to keep a regular strumming pattern when the chords change frequently.

    Another video idea might be to talk about chord hacks–acceptable replacements for the really hard chords. My fingers are small and not very strong yet. Any tips would be appreciated. 🙂

    Thanks so much for these videos. I'm learning more–and more relevant–skills in one evening with these videos than I learned in 3 months of guitar lessons last spring!

  13. Carol Evans

    Oh thank you from the bottom of my heart .I  have worked myself into a wreck for almost a year. One time listening to you about the D chord and I get it.. Love you buddy.. lol

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