Beginner Strumming Pattern 5 – Rockabilly 2/4 Strum Lesson with Mark McKenzie


  1. Jeffery Lord

    how about a lesson on that number you played at the beginning! it was a real cracker mate!!!!

  2. Umer Khalid

    Dear Mark,i love your videos and they help me a lot.I have a request.Would you please make a video on how to do that funky muting of strings while strumming.I have watched other videos but i can't understand that.Please make that video

  3. lilgreenmomo

    😀 Yup, grinning like an idiot and it's been really nice to finally feel my chord changes happening too.

  4. Soumyadip Bhattacharya

    Many thanks Mark, great style..however the piece that you played in the beginning is way harder to get to…I mean might take many months to come to any closer to that standard…excellent piece..

  5. stephen gilyeat

    Hi Mark.

    Found your videos yesterday and cant stop watching them. You are a great teacher.

  6. Monkey Island

    where are rockabilly lesson 1/4, 3/4 and 4/4?! i can only see this part!! please upload the rest

  7. Erdogan Essat

    Dear mark thank you very much for all the lesson they are awesome and explained very clearly.

  8. Todd's Gopro videos

    Mark I know lots of people have said it but I will say it again thank you for all your lessons you are a great teacher and have been a great help to me. Thank you so much!!!!!!

  9. Urvish Trivedi

    Hey Mark….I have improved so much over the past couple of days just by watching your strumming series..But I have one question…..I am not understanding when should I start with chord learning…because I feel my self not confident enough in strumming.

  10. james mccarthy

    Really glad I found this site, I retired about a year ago and decided to learn guitar.i just sort of presumed that if I learned a whole bunch of chords, my right hand would automatically educate itself!!! it didn't ! these basic strumming lessons are exactly what i need. I will send you tickets to my sell out concerts when I become famous.   Jamesmac

  11. Aditya Joshi

    I cannot thank you enough for creating a series for strumming. I have improved so much over the past couple of days just by practicing tick tock and heavy-light strums. Without a doubt the best teacher on youtube for building and strengthening basics. 

    Oh, if you take requests, could you do a video like 'Ten most common mistakes beginners make' or something like that? Basically your idea of things a beginner should correct, be it in technique or just perspective. 

  12. Stefan Isarie

    Dear Mark, thank you so much for all the lessons you've been uploading! They are truly awesome and very clearly explained! Regarding this particular lesson, was I smiling at the end? Nope, I was laughing!!!

  13. Majid Abedi

    Thanks again watching your lessons are delightful and helps a lot… thanks a million

  14. aline dagusen

    Thank u sir for this video,it will help me a lot to improve my guitar learning skills,but can u pls also help me to use the pick,its really hard for me to use it while i'm strumming!thanks.gbu!

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