Civil War, Guns n Roses – guitar lesson & TAB! learn to play classic rock metal riffs


  1. cag_rockz

    thanks a lot mate! ur tutorial actually made me do this!!!! could u make a tutorial of the whole song maybe? gonna subscribe!

  2. atrix blue

    the original pre remastered version was in standard tuning, the gnr greatests hits version everyone is used to is played in drop D

  3. FilthyOldWizard

    he may be in standard tuning but the song is tuned down half a step, there is only one gnr song that is in standard tuning.

  4. Rui Lemos

    Hello, Nick i am from Angola i enjoyed a lot of this video and i´d like you to play the full solo acustic guitar of this song, becouse i´d like to play the full song, it´s a beautiful song.

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