electronics repair of 2014 Gelvin OGS (jg 2.0) guitar


  1. ANsOn II

    Have you been asked about Jack White's VH axe. It is not a bad guitar. kinda reminds me of a maton ms500

  2. Wataboutya

    So if the low E string is right at 440hz at both open and 12th fret why would the G Or the A be flat or sharp at the 3rd and 5th? Intonation should be correct n the G And A If both open and 12th are neither flat or sharp.

  3. Blaine Ludeman

    ah ha! so that's the OGS.. so how is that different than the one piece? i think you said it was opposing grains but where and how many pieces is it made of? like the neck joint is a set neck, set through, neck through etc. ? I keep asking you but life happens lol. hell, I just had surgery and have to go back to get it fixed! yay me

  4. Dr Gonzo

    Hey will you build great guitars ,their like your children ,do you remember when you built that beauty?.im betting you do.

  5. Valentino

    There is something I've always wanted to ask you Will: How many years have you been building guitars and how many do you think you've made in your career? I'm looking forward to trying the single coils I ordered from you !!! =]

  6. darkestfugue

    i wish i lived near Will, i have so many little things that need to be fixed on my guitars, you are a true guitar guru, peace and love to you

  7. WholeLottaBulldog

    It’s also possible the previous owner had put different pickups in at some stage and when going to sell it, put the originals back in. And fucked it up in the process.

  8. e james

    the problem is that so many people don't actually know what a proper strat is supposed to sound like.
    Cuz they never heard one. And so these people can be sold just about anything………….since they have no reference.

  9. jgrossma

    Will, when it comes to classical instruments (eg violins and cellos, etc), in many cases the older ones actually are better. This is not because in the 18th century the luthiers had better materials, or some secret manufacture techniques, or because the wood aged, etc. Its simple survival bias. The vast majority of instruments made in that era were mediocre, and because there was nothing special about them, nobody took care of them, and they were lost/destroyed. The ones that did survive were generally highly selected highly prized instruments.

  10. Randy Lott

    Looks like you lost a bit of weight, brother. Great video, as always!

  11. Justin Moore

    Handsome guitar. P.S. Why does "In the City" always remind me of The Warriors?

  12. onpsxmember

    Haven't seen this one before. You as a luthier…did you get back a lot of your guitars and you put all the time and work in it and someone wrecked it after a few days? That must be hard.

  13. Detroit Wrecker

    I know I have said this MANY times before. I will say it again. I REALLY think you have something with the VIP's. You may end up being just a pick up builder.

  14. saiyaniam

    Keep up the posts will, was easy enough to find your new channel. Wondered why I'd not had an erection in awhile, turns out not enough will in my feed.

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