EP007: How To Play Amazing Grace on the Guitar – Lesson From ActiveMelody


  1. Bobby B

    cool guitar, at 2:06 he says it's Gibson 1919, very cool, unusual too is it joins the body at the 13th fret…nice lesson as well.

  2. Dominic Dimele

    An amazingly graceful lesson Brian. Always muddled through it strumming just the chords. I will be playing this at a funeral for a friend this week and be forever grateful.
    Thank you and God bless.

  3. Patrick Boehler

    awesome tutorials sir thanks for the time, this one and jingle bell rock are so far the most comprehensive tutorials for guitar ive found on the internet. being totally self taught I'm always looking for video lessons and none compare. its great how you break down the how and explain the why of whats being played so that even a true rookie like me can play what you teach. ill definitely be signing up for lessons on ur site as soon as possible. thanks again for the time and effort. merry Christmas and god bless my friend.

  4. Maurice Mason

    That little Gibson has a great tone quality.  Maybe you could lower the nut slightly and  bring the strings down a little without causing them to buzz.  I've seen that work before.

  5. Rob Coppens

    thank you so much! this was a beautiful version of the song an you couldn't have taught it better! I will probably keep this for life thanx again

  6. Ryan Bocook

    great version and good challenge – i like how you break it all down. Thank you

  7. 1phatmaximus

    Hi Brian,,,seen a coupe of yr vids m8,,,thank you so much for yr time and effort and of cause yr patience,as a newbie,,i feel i have a chance at learning something good,,you are an excellent teacher,obviously patient and I personally appreciate yr lessons,,,im not wrkin,,but if i had money bud i would send,,as u are very particular to detail to give us newbies a chance,,,well done m8 a thousand blessings be with u ,,take care all the best Mac

  8. wildwood312004

    This is the kind of guitar I love so beautiful. I would love to be able to play guitar

  9. Matthew Rose

    great job as always…really enjoy the channel and it's helping me a lot with my fingerpicking 🙂

  10. Katie

    Really beautiful. I follow you on FB and am putting this in my favorites so I can get working on it on the guitar. Thanks so much!

  11. Zach

    Haha I always try and keep up with your vid because there really great. Thanks again!

  12. Zach

    Absolutely love this lesson Brian! Thank you so much!

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