How to play like Marty Friedman


  1. Sainandan Ramakrishnan

    I can easily hear the solo licks on Lucretia and Tornado Of Souls in this impression here,..basically, you did a great job…although I was expecting to see that alien picking technique.

  2. ThibautKurt23

    Real good dude! You really captured the way Marty builds his solos, and his way to bend and his vibratos. I'm impressed. But one thing I've noticed from Marty and didn't see in your video is the way Marty actually holds his pick and use it and the position of his hand far from the guitar neck and the strings. His position may seems even weird at first, but sometimes it reminds me of middle eastern players. Have you noticed this? And do you think it is a thing thay has a role in Marty's sound?

  3. WorldView Three

    One style that is impossible to emulate, is Marty Friedman’s. Dude has a unique style that nobody will ever be able to copy.

  4. Alex Doll

    Divine vibrato !! Really DRAMATIC soloing … u r a true artist ; – ) !!!!!

  5. Aek Sinsang

    well done. got his phrasing together but his vibratos are unique. Missing solo on dragon's kiss, killer album

  6. Dhruv Kotecha

    Ben I have a question. I can see some diminished phrases and minor arpeggios but when marty does a run I always get confused. What scales or notes are you employing at ascending and descending licks a 0:05 and 0:14 it confuses the hell out of me. love your videos btw!

  7. Aldo Orozco

    ben i have a question… what are the scales and techniques more used by marty ? what are the things that makes you sound like marty?

  8. docoftheworld

    Marty Friedman did listen to this, he loved it, and he played on this motif in his Inferno (Reprise) track 🙂 @BenHigginsOfficial

  9. Mickeyislowd

    Wow…You definitely got the style down perfectly and caught all Marty's nuances very well. I'm trying to incorporate some of his playing into mine but It's difficult to change when it involves differing vibrato and adding in pre-bends and all that but here you can get a clearer picture of how he does it. Great stuff 🙂

  10. Joe S

    Ben, hoping you could answer a question for me that nobody else seems to be able to answer. The solo style of Jeff Hanneman. It seems to be so chaotic. Is it just completely random, chromatic scales mixed with pentatonic? Or something else entirely? Just wondering if you had any insight into his soloing. Thanks so much for any information!

  11. Adam

    Great n all but… I'm still stuck with the question.. HOW DO I PLAY LIKE MARTY FRIEDMAN??? or heck.. like you

  12. Rick Feith

    That was more in the style of Marty than the man himself. Great ballsy Marty tone too. Superb sir.

  13. Derek Manning

    Dude that's so awesome! It's crazy how you can mimic these great guitar players. I'm definitely gonna go check out your original stuff too!

  14. Foghornish

    Possibly the best impression of Marty's playing Ive seen. A very difficult style to emulate. I salute you.

  15. Dan O'Hara

    best I've seen ad tone Is pretty nice very same as his tone from his album scenes

  16. maggot 78

    Hi Ben, can you share the eq for this tone? Not really getting the solo tone from my jvm

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