I conduct the most impossible guitar neck repair ever


  1. Metal Madness

    Man the sheer knowledge you have is incredible. I could never imagine me being as crafty and skilled at this stuff. You have a natural talent man

  2. martin park

    Where there's a will [Gelvin] there's a way!! shit just noticed 74dart man beat me to it lol!

  3. Mij Orchard

    I hope that guitar isn't going to be used to play any music later than the 70s — the chinz pattern on the cloth will give completely the wrong tone for anything later. More modern music would require a repair cloth with a more geometric / rectilinear pattern.

  4. The Sound Garage

    I've been doing this repair and essentially the same thing for short breaks too, for about 10 years… but with carbon fibre instead. works a charm and super strong.
    I remove material so its under size, then over pack it, push out as much resin as possible then tape it down super hard.

  5. Bret Ames

    Excellent Video. I think it's superb that you're up for a challenge like this. Feels like anything is possible. Cheers Will.

  6. Arthur Brown

    That’s a great repair Will. I have done these repairs myself in the past but what I do is splice a wide copper pipe down it’s cut length then start opening it up. I then panel beat it to the shape of the affected neck area. Finally I trim it to shape, pencil round it and route out a recess for the plate to sit flush into. I then fix the plate in place with 2 part marine epoxy then skim it with bondo like you do. You are deffo the first one I seen make a video showing this repair scenario, it’s a fucker of a job lol. Good video, really enjoyed it.

  7. Ronnie Nose

    Greetings from the UK! Fantastic job Will, never seen anything done like this before. So pleased you're back and giving us the benefit of your wisdom. I'm disabled and get problems with my hands, and thin necks aggravate my disability as I seem to hold them more tightly. Should I use the cloth, fibreglass and then the filler, or simply just use filler to build up a thicker profile? I don't think we have anything called 'Bondo' over here, I take it that it's simply a brand of wood filler?

  8. Karl Engstrom

    Nice repair! I've done similar with multiple layers of a thin silk fabric I had laying around. It wasn't a truss rod area like you dealt with, but reinforcing a neck pocket. Worked as long as I had the axe, never heard after it was sold. Are there fabrics to avoid that you know of that react to ester resins?

  9. Me5Ponk

    That neck was defective from the start imo. That aside i believe this repair will eventually fail unless this was a bondo formulated for use on wood. Even then i'd question the overall durability.

  10. famitory

    is there a way to do this so that the fabric is visible and aesthetically untouched on the back of the neck? it could be a cool visual trick if done really well.


    Excellent job homie! Schprooooiiinnngggggg!
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  12. TheOnebigmick

    Truly amazing, you used material to fix timber. That possibility would've never entered my mind. Great job Will.

  13. laiosto

    I use a superfine glass cloth to reinforce balsa wood on R/C planes.It would work well for this type of repair.

  14. Dani Sindaco

    Great job! I love out-of-the-box the approach for this repair. Congratulation. Question: have you ever done such a repair (or to add material to a too thin neck) using wood veneer instead? In case the customer does not want the neck finished with a solid color.

  15. semiLivedj FICTION

    My brother was into autobody after vocational school and he turned me on to bondo and fiberglass and resin and different materials for patching wood. Then later I worked at a wood shop and well yeah, Used it alot. I laminated a guitar once with like counter top laminate. It worked great. Very durable.

  16. David M

    Very cool. I know something is a smart way of doing things when it makes me think "that's cheating!"

  17. SPNKr

    Another reason why I only like fat necks. Also my penis must be fat while masturbating otherwise it won't work, so that makes sense too.

  18. Eric Chenier

    Cool idea! I've done a similar trick to seal up an acoustics sound hole using CGC, popsicle sticks and paint. Worked great and has lasted years without issues

  19. Blkjakk

    Whoever owns that guitar should have just bought one with a thinner profile!!
    Great fix, Will.

  20. André Rock

    Wow, pretty amazing, enlightening and inspiring. Thank you, sir. Very much.

  21. eddie julian

    Great video Will, there is nothing worse than the sound of crackling wood when you've just filed into the truss rod cavity. I have a wall of shame in my shop where I hang all of my fuck ups. I write on each one what I did wrong and date it. Most of the mistakes are either this or cutting a tenon angle wrong on a les paul style neck. Luckily I haven't had to add to the wall for a while that shit sucks. I will definitely try this technique on one of the wall necks though it seems like it works great.

  22. Aquatic Highs

    hmm seeing this gives me hope for my antique gibson. the neck is loose in the pocket.

  23. Ron Stone

    Great vid. I could see where, for practical purposes of a working musician or even a luthier who may not have a lot of time soon might just put on a replacement neck, which can have its own challenges, like back and forth with the right shims to get back to the desired action, etcetera, but this solution could also be doable for the hobbyist who wants to stretch his or her creative legs. True, you could say you rescued a vintage neck. But I think there would be enjoyment in simply bringing about a great repair just because you can and you have the brains, talent, skill.

  24. 74dart man

    When I first looked at the picture of the truss rod poking through, the only thing I could think of was fiberglass. I've done a lot of body repairs on cars and I know how strong that stuff is. Great video and great repair. I like how you took something that most people would throw away and gave it new life! Where there's a "Will" there's a way! Ha ha! Awesome job!👍😎🎸🎶

  25. darkestfugue

    keeping it real as always, and once again showing what a true guitar guru he is

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