Parisienne Walkways – Gary Moore Tribute #2of2 (Songs Guitar Lesson ST-327) How to play


  1. V- Blues

    Hola Justin (desde Latinamerica/ARG) Una idea, estimado.
    Podrias hacer el tema "Midnight blues" de Gary Moore.
    Es un temazo para aquellos que quisieran disfrutar tocando esa canción.
    Bueno, simplemente fue una idea.
    Gracias, y muchos éxitos!!

  2. eugene mcloughlin

    is this actually the right way too play the solo studio version because i watched a video a different video and its alot different morale of the story its wrecking my head the differences plz help

  3. Celt 5971

    I have practiced that fast like t least 1000 times and am still nowhere near the speed required.
    Great lesson, nicely broken down.

  4. Zac rider

    great lesson Justin, such a beautiful song, one of my favourites from Gary.
    wow 6:44 what a monster run, can anyone watching this replicate that?
    not a section for the beginners lol, but I'm going to work at it :o)

  5. Rocco Macri

    Love your playing and tone. What are you using to get that awesome Gary Moore tone Justin…?

  6. David Sutton

    Justin, Ive got quite fat fingers so when I hold down a string my finger touches another next to it and either muffles it or does not make it a clear note. I can be the only person with this issue….Any ideas how to combat it so that I can get nice clear notes. ? I love this piece and would want to do it justice. Regards David


    Very nice lesson. Thank you! Just wonder how Gary holds the last solo so long time? Any trick?


    Thank you Justin
    I cannot believe there are 19 haters, been watching all the other youtube lessons for this song and yours was the easiest to follow and most accurate!

  9. Paul Roadz

    wow cool this a tune that i think i can progress with thanks man i dont need spider hands for this one .

  10. c46kev

    This took me a while, but I finally got there, cheers justin. Really appreciated this one. 🙂

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