Something Like Olivia (Acoustic) – John Mayer – Guitar Lesson with TAB


  1. Rythmic IRL

    This guy doesn't get enough credit for his videos. Good job mate. It aint easy playing a John Mayer song to the absolute note.

  2. Surgeon001

    Best “Something like Olivia” tutorial in the whole web!!! Thank you

  3. Jacob Judy

    He played a groovy version on the electric guitar at his indy show a couple weeks ago. I Got to see him back to back 2 weeks ago and a week ago.

  4. Zachary McKinley

    Can you please do a tutorial like this one on the Village Sessions version of Good Love is on the Way by John Mayer?

  5. graycrom

    at the end the first phrase you're missing the G on the E string at the end of the phrase, john does it by putting thr thumb over the top, it's a pretty deft movement and hard to replicate.

  6. P Block

    Please do a tutorial for GOOD LOVE IS ON THE WAY ( ACOUSTIC VERSION) from the VILLAGE SESSIONS. Please Sir!!!!!!!!!!

  7. mmalovr57

    I adore that you do tutorials of John so much. The dudes a stud. Love your lessons!!

  8. MV V.

    There is a tab mistake at 8.49 i think. You play 5 on the D string not on A that is why it sounds difrently :P. Awsome lesson i might get it right after few months :).

  9. Aniket Marathe

    Thank you mahn for these epic John Mayer guitar lessons. No one does it better than you!

  10. Marco Serafini

    I'm having a lot of trouble in playing this dirty, I can''t seem to consistently mute the strings near the one i'm playing, any tip is more than welcome. Great lesson

  11. Drummer Boy

    I dread anything that starts with the thumb over the neck technique….my little hands don't like this at all.

  12. UNC Sport Sales

    Really enjoy your lessons! Could you please do a lesson on the solo in the acoustic village sessions version of In Repair? Thanks!

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