The Forgotten Guitar Chord You Aren’t Using


  1. Jari Satta

    I like Bm7(b5)
    Locrian is ok
    Phrygian mode is also cool:
    Esus4(b9) [023230] (same fingering shape as in Bm7(b5) but w/ open strings)

  2. ben bushnall

    does no one play guitar properly anymore? or at least learn properly, ppl shitting themselves to name the chord. Wait until you start talking about suspended and sustained  chords  ppl are really going to impress the girls naming them, not the sound, hey babe, that was a minor seven flat, wanna go back to mine and watch me tune my harp? the guy that claims he guessed it was going to be that chord, little bit of BS in all that eh? bless em.

  3. John nyboy

    Sean – any advice for when someone loses all inspiration to play and starts to hate guitars?? Been playing since i was now 42…gutted that my love has died.😐

  4. Matt Santos

    This is in about 50% of the bossa novas I play. It is one of the most basic chords too lol

  5. Antonio Almeida

    Hello ! I understand your lesson. It would be much better if you slow 50%
    your «tempo». Thank you.

  6. Smorf

    You see these chord shapes used all the time in some indie music like Rex Orange County and King Krule

  7. Kyle

    I’m sorry but you look like Taylor Hawkins from foo fighters

  8. Jak Hart

    I love this video, so much. I'm writing a song, been working on it for about a year, it starts with CMaj6 – B7flat5 – Dm – Am, then does some fun stuff with F – G – E – Am – F – G – Dm – Am. Super slow, blue progression, with a lot of open strings.

  9. Brett Marlar

    It's also known as a half-diminished. It is also substituted for a dominant 9th. Using your B half-diminished it would be used in place of a G9.

  10. Almog Zinman

    the C, walkdown to B, Amin is used in Day in the Life by The Beatles. They used Bm7b5 a lot

  11. Michael Murray

    I use it in the intro to the Allman Brothers version of Stormy Monday. And also in Interstate Love Song by STP. I mean, I know they're practically the same song, but still, , ,

  12. Gary Reid Music

    Thanks to your vid on harmonizing/arpeggiating the whole Circle of Fifths thing, I'm daily becoming acquainted with as many "m7♭5"s (half-diminished)s as I can… My brain starts to fry around A flat, but I'm working at it!

  13. DeadHeadRI RI

    "I leave my hand like this, and say 'Hey, what's up?'…. My day now has a reason.. (~);}

  14. Unique 23b

    Not impressed. Minor 7 Flat 5 chords are for sissy hipsters. Merle never played it, so I'm not either gal dangit.

  15. J. Cloyd

    Sometimes when I’m in a hurry I like to use a diminished triad.

  16. Gulfcoastbeemer

    The B minor 7 flat 5 chord is merely a standard cowboy chord under the influence of loco weed. I believe it was first used in the campfire scene in Blazing Saddles.

  17. weston smith

    WHAT Size Leather JACKET ? And, in Black or Brown ? A Nice 1950's Motorcycle Jacket (looking Mean) ?

  18. autocrow

    Sounds great right before an E major chord. I guess you're just using it for the B chord in the key of E.

  19. Music Letters

    I will include them in my repatoir when I do the Maj7 chords. Is there also an useful version for the E string root?

  20. King Kong T

    Wait. So this is what the chord is called. I play it every day, not knowing what it is. Seems like I must be playing the lost chord the whole time.

  21. TzToms

    I'm going to enjoy using this cord. thank you so much! You're the only reason I've gotten this far into guitar thanks again man!

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