THE SHADOW OF YOUR SMILE – Chord Melody LESSON – Guitar Tutorial


  1. milowagon

    Hi Sandra. Great collection of lessons on classic jazz standards. I am returning to jazz after a lifetime as a gigging club guitar picker. In the eighties I studied various etudes and party pieces but was led astray by pop. You are great and patient teacher ( with such a great complexion, must be the alpine air) I will return to the jazz fold under your skillful teaching. I thank you.

  2. bunakkaptan

    Hi sandra,
    Too bad that PayPal left Turkiye because of our m.f ( Sorry for the curse ) goverment.
    Now I think I have to wander around the bush and get an Paypal account from Cyprus. Then I can make the necessary payments from PayPal.

  3. Gerald Doherty

    Hi Sandra. The Shadow of Your Smile has always been one of my favorites. Chord melody or bossa style, or even sung by Frank Sinatra. What a timeless beautiful song. This also is the score to the movie "The Sand Piper" starring Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. Good movie too. The song has a hauntingly beautiful melody and changes. Thanks for sharing your lovely arrangement. Jerry from PA-USA

  4. ATV Clarence Mentor

    Thank you Sandra. Clarence from Cape Town South Africa. Great sound and very exciting tutoring technique. May the universal force of love and music always be with you. Tot weder siens.

  5. robert loya

    You came up on my recommendations chart, so I gave you a look. I'm so glad I did, you have a nice teaching style. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and skill. God Bless You, Thanks

  6. Robert Veith

    I'm glad you did this song it was on my list of tunes I wanted to learn you made it easy thank you so much.Bobby PS I hope you Wii teach us the tune Wave I know it's hard maybe advance lesson ? Thank you !

  7. Maritza Santisteban

    Beautiful teacher..👏🏼🤓I love your hair👍🏼Thank you so much for sharing you’re the best teacher😄👏🏼🎶

  8. stringbender57

    "The Sweetheart of Jazz Guitar" has done it again! What a beautiful, plush arrangement of this timeless song! Great job Sandra. I have came across a couple of other arrangements of this song in the past, but they were awkward to finger and poorly harmonized. Yours is absolutely perfect and sounds good to my ears. Thank you SO very much!

  9. Dirk Coutuer

    Another lesson, another challenge for all of us! Anyway, you've made my life a lot easier: instead of searching the internet for days, looking for good jazz comping songs, I'll just stick with you: your lessons are explained very clearly and the tabs helps me to remember and to practice. I think you make a lot of people very happy!
    PS: I add often a backing track to the song while playing it, to make it more fun (and to cover my errors).
    Greetings from Ghent (Belgium)!!

  10. Christof Kraemer

    Vielen Dank für diese super Lehrstunde. Ich habe viel gelernt. Klasse! Lausmadl 😂😂😂

  11. Dick Tchairdjian

    And here's another monster version from George Benson… and sorry for posting these here, but I think anyone who likes this song and wants to study it in great depth will benefit from all available versions. This one kills me LOL, George makes me want to break my guitars but I know one day I'll be able to learn it perfectly. Enjoy

    And, Sandra, thank you for your lesson too. I'm enjoying it a lot.

  12. Lindsay Martin

    Sandra is a force of nature, a goddess, an element of humanity, who keeps harmony in the world – literally! Her new hair is awesome!

  13. luthier47

    I seem to be uninformed about buying the tabs. I don’t see a link or button on the video…clearly I am missing something. By the way, I’ve no idea as a jazz enthusiast and player, how I missed your pages after 4 plus years but I am so very thankful for finding them now. Your selection of so many classic standards and instruction speaks to so many players with clarity and precision. Even professional video lessons at times lack the very clear fingering you demonstrate through out your lesson… I’m in !🎸

  14. Steve Herring

    Absolutely Fantastic! ,you are an awesome teacher,Thanks , how about When Sunny gets blue?

  15. migeha01

    Habe ich neulich erst von Joe Pass gehört und gehofft, dass ich eine einfachere Version als die von Autschbach finde. Simsalabim da ist sie! Vielen Dank!!

  16. Bennett Michaels

    What's even cooler is…your song choices are songs I've always wanted to learn…
    and now I am lucky enough to have a wonderful teacher to show me them…
    cheers Sandra…

  17. Eduardo Oliver Azamar

    Muchas gracias tus videos so excelentes, tu explicación es de mejor que he visto , en YouTube . Día te bendiga por compartir tus conocimientos.

  18. Guitarversum Sandra Sherman

    For everyone, who buys the TABs via PayPal: Please make sure to click the "Back to merchant" button at the end of your purchase process. This will lead you directly to the TABS, which you can save to your computer.

    Whoever did not click that button, I will send you the tabs manually to a provided email address.

  19. Rainmaker40Bsc

    Sandra you really are someone very special – Aside from being a great teacher your a great guitarist with a huge talent for buiding compositions.. Simply thank you 🙂

  20. abejacgot

    I want to again, echo the thoughts of other intermediate players, and offer many thanks from the East Coast, New York! Now you can see how you've made an impression here from Coast to Coast! Thank you…

  21. Steve Douglas

    Steve from California here Sandra wanting to say, "Thanks" for putting this lesson together to teach us. I'm very glad I found your channel and I'm aware of how much work you put into it. It's much appreciated! You're always upbeat, pleasant and your pace of instruction is perfect. Thanks again Sandra from Austria!! That's cool.

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