Angus Young Back in Black Style Lick (Guitar Lesson with TAB)


  1. k.t. robinson

    Great stuff!! Short and precise. Look forward to your new version of this solo. Thanks!!! Cheers from Colombia. Still wondering if you will dissect the solo from Doucette!!!! Lol lol. Keep it up I for one enjoy your lessons and helpful explanations.

  2. Backtoshallabal

    Nice to see you rocking on this one Mark! My Uncle always loved growing up to this music!

  3. David Parry

    I like the gritty filth of those bends when I play for sure! Hey man just for fun I'll tell ya, I don't know much Rush but I just hammered out Overture and Temple of Syrinx and wow, very awesome to play. How was the fishing?

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