Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way – Guitar Lesson and Tutorial – Waylon Jennings


  1. monmixer

    Waylon played this in B and E but doesn't matter. Play it in the key you can sing nit best in.

  2. magicbus333

    If I sign up are there tabs for the guitar solo in this song? Cant find them ANYWHERE

  3. Lonnie Christopher

    …you're kidding me…??…I avoided this song because I thought it was more complex…..This is played every night twice a night in Nashville……I can't believe it…

  4. Jacob Carrillo

    This video slows down all the already super easy parts, but then zooms past the difficult parts that I am actually interested in learning. : /

  5. Rosevelt

    Can I view the tabs for the solo please? You cut off a lot of it here and I don't have a credit card at the moment but would like to try before I buy. Your 'free' trial apparently requires a credit card.

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