Crazy by Seal Guitar Lesson – Part 1 – Basic Version


  1. Diana Serra

    You are brilliant teacher & misician!
    I enjoy very much what you do!
    Keep up the fantastic work you do 😉

  2. Gabriel Adler

    Good lesson, I like the emphasis on feathering the intro and on dynamics, it really makes the song. You left out the bridge (“in a sky full of people”) but that was just a matter of looking up the chords and they weren’t difficult to plug in.

  3. Andre Fink

    Hey Mark, i like your style of teaching..but in the Chord overlay is put a bunch to what you explain.
    Kind Regards. And Thumb up for your Work.

  4. Maarten van der Vorst

    Love the lessons Mark. You give such a nice groove to these songs. It makes me want to play some songs i would never play otherwise.

  5. Aniket sawant

    please upload lessons for bettey Davis eyes by dean ray…the one that he performed on xfactor…it will HElp many desperate fans. regards 🙂

  6. Kevin menezes

    I have one question that when I play the guitar on my own I play it well but when I play it in front of someone I get very nervous and mess up and start shaking my hands and even sweating so can I please help me 🙏🙏😅😅😅🙏

  7. Derek Jones

    Hey mark! Great video! I've noticed in your videos that you seem to strum so effortlessly on the strings. It takes a lot more force for me, and was wondering how you do it. Is it a certain combination of strings and pick or is it just experience? (I'm a fairly new beginner) thanks!

  8. melmal

    Yesss, please put your "looper live" version on vid…

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