How to Improvise – Basics Part 8 – Dm7b5 – G7b9 – Cm7 – Jazz Guitar Lesson by Achim Kohl


  1. Antikvart Riga

    Hi !

    Achim Kohl

    would love to see how you play

    Outside Jazz Approaches

    at 8 – 16 ticks

  2. Achim Kohl

    Hi everybody,
    here is my last lesson from my Youtube series "How to improvise – Part 1 -8", it's over the complete minor II-V-I chord progression Dm7b5 – G7b9 – Cm7.
    As always no talking, straight to point, no wasted time and with my step by step system. You will get the best results by using the additional tabs, neck diagrams and backing tracks available on my website.
    If you master all the parts of this series of lessons, then you are ready for improvising over complete a jazz standard.
    All the best for your playing!

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