Instructional video on improvising on the Flamenco Scale


  1. Bintang Rizcky

    is it my playing wrong or may be because i use acoustic guitar, everytime i play this scale my friends always tell me that it sounds more eastern then spanish

  2. zoran markovic

    the theoretical approach is : Phrygian dominat scale that is the fifth mode of the harmonic minor scale. In this case, just play A harmonic minor scale but start from fifth note and that will be E phrygian dominant scale that is shown in video. So, the a-minor and E7 chord will suit that scale also. The Phrygian dominant scale tendsto soumd more as gipsy arabic or balkan music.

  3. Jonathan Monday

    I love your lessons! So easy to follow! I play classical guitar but love flamenco and your videos have gotten me hooked on it!

  4. Minor Chord

    @isawayto: I started playing guitar almost 16 months ago, before that I had never played guitar before. All I did was watched these videos, practiced and practiced and practiced more. Today I can tell you that I'm not a great player but perhaps 70% better than most of the guitar players in youtube. Just don't give up and keep practicing and the reward will come to you.

  5. isawayto

    I started playing guitar about a month and a half ago., and i still cant do shit. I can only play the chords A minor, G, F, and E, and im practicing switching between these chords fast. The day I will be able to play the song in this video will be a GLORIOUS day. That is, if that day ever comes. I have no idea where to start, nor any money to pay anyone to give me instructions. Oh well. ill just keep on screwing around with my guitar for fun.

  6. Baran Roy

    which guitar and what model are u using..plzz help..
    btw awesome video..

  7. guitarlessons

    You have to be a registered user to access the music. You can register on the left side of the main page.

  8. Lukas A.

    When i'm trying to open the tabs then there's written "You are not authorised to view this resource." can anybody help me?

  9. Barefoot67

    really cool playing. I checked the tab and you hang out on that E flat on the B string quite a lot but you write that you only use the flamenco scale. how do you explain that?

  10. guitarlessons

    The track is on my site. Go to improvisation and then Improvising on the Phrygian Dominant scale

  11. Naoufal Abdenim

    you're doing a great job i like that really ^^ !! however how can i get the backtrack ?
    thank you

  12. madaca

    Thank you for the great lesson. Thank you for gabbing this. I have all the scales memorized and now I. Working to perfect this. Big thanks.

  13. RediForKing

    What string are you using?
    Light or Hard tension?
    It rather looks like Light

  14. Chamong Xiong

    Hi, i thank you so much for uploading this video. I've learned so much by watching and listening to your scale. I kinda improves myself now. Lol, go to my profile and check out my Hip hop Flamenco version with your scale that i've learned from you! thanks and God bles!!

  15. mlequim

    This song is wonderful! your are a great musician and I really like your music :O) !!!

    Sorry for the beginner question but I tried to play the solo but it doesn't sound like yours. I play every cord indivually but it seems that you are doing something to "link" some cords. I went to your website but there is a technical problem (or maybe it is my PC :O) ).

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