Simple Spanish Improvisation by Stefan Schyga – Guitar


  1. Viktor Veselovský

    Hello, great music and great lesson!

    I am a bit confused about 9-th measure. In the tab it starts with legato 3-2-0 on string D, but what I CLEARLY hear is legato 3-2-3. In the video it also seems you played 3-2-0 as in the tab, but video is not of that quality to be sure. Can you clarify this? Thank you.

  2. BrotherCavefish

    I have a lower end cordoba sounds great I was pondering getting a higher end flamenco, any suggestions, what model is yours sounds great

  3. tiershirt

    Woow, sehr schön und emotional. Aber leider nicht so einfach für Anfänger. Ich versuche es zu lernen. Aber ich denke, das ich es nicht schaffen kann. 
    Vielen Dank. Es ist sehr schön zu anzuhören.

  4. Nickuncle

    I'm having trouble getting into the mindset with finger picking in combination with hammering. I can do it with a pick but it's hard without.

  5. Minor Chord

    Thanks Stefan, I couldn't find the backing track loop for this and your other video. Would you be kind enough to send me the URL plz tx.

  6. TheAmazingTC

    Simple, but lovely.. my favourite all time genre of guitar. Nice video, and nicely informative.. thanks!

  7. Jenn Guitar

    I wish to play it it's great improvisation i hear it every single day 🙁 🙁

  8. guitarlessons

    It is just a little improvisation, sorry thats all there. If you want to hear more like it you could try a search on itunes: stefan a winter romance

  9. NotYourAverage Filipino

    dude this books is freaking awesome!!!! i have learned so much, and its only been about 2 hours since i downloaded it!! this will definitely help me with the ladies

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