Technicalized Power Chords with TAB – 2nd & 4th Fingers Death Metal – Guitar Lesson 3


  1. LoPan's Dim Sum

    This technique is great if you're looking for economy of movement, but I don't think the scratching sound is major factor in employing it. I may be wrong though. Great lesson – it's an important technique nonetheless. Thanks!

  2. Bradley Stroup

    this is called spider riffing, Dave mustaine is kind of the god father and he clams to have invented the style. songs like ashes in your mouth are an example

  3. acegitaar

    Great lesson mate! Very interesting Nice metal patternz Thank you 🎸 👍🏽‼️

  4. Ed B

    Spider chords, Dave Mustaine showed this about 10 yrs back I think!

  5. cerebral assassinator666

    nice lesson im used to it i practice that type of finger power chord its like dave mustaine spider chord love it but i'll stick to that scratchy sound but i pick up my fingers while playing fast so it dnt make that sound 👍

  6. 6672rock

    Some people like that sliding sound between chords, especially on acoustic guitar. You may not like it, but some think it adds some character to their playing.

  7. FriedMetroid

    This is a nice trick to have in certain situations, but most of the time I actually like the sliding sound. I think it sounds heavier that way.

  8. Brosef

    This is awesome, but I am pretty lazy so I usually just keep the lowest string an extra step down so you just have to bar the top 2 or 3 strings to get a power chord, like drop c. It allows for really fast, technical riffs at a beginner level.

  9. 1skorpius

    This cord that's being taught here in known as a spider cord which was invented by Dave Mustaine from Megadeth which is way more explanatory but still a interesting vid

  10. ironic

    What guitar amp effect do you use to get that familiar grit sound?

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