Tools to Practice Guitar Quietly – How to Practice Guitar Late at Night


  1. Lituanica99

    Hey Marty, I'm gonna buy my first electric guitar (amp and all the jazz as well) this summer but the variety is overwhelming… Perhaps you could recommend anything? The amount I'm willing to spend in total is around 400-450$. Would love a Gibson but the prices…. and the quality seems to have dropped over the years. Any help appreciated!

  2. Dinosaur

    if yall got the setup, you can just use a DAW on a cpu with simulated amps. Usually not as quality as a real amp but nice

  3. RagingDragon13

    Hey Marty! you should do lesson for the song at the end of your videos and the one you played here, I always liked hearing it and it has a really interesting rhythm going on! thanks 🙂

  4. Nick S

    Playing guitar at night is like watching porn while other people are home

    Either you get yourself some good headphones, or you play with no sound at all

  5. Guitarvibes

    When i saw the headphones in the thumbnail i thought we were going to see him without a hat lol

  6. caliathBeast

    can you please add tab sheet links because i'm in a band and have short notice on learning songs two songs i would like to have tabs for is Layla By Eric Clapton and Master of Puppets By metalica

  7. Patty R

    would you teach all signs point to lauderdale by a day to remember.

  8. Tim S

    Bought this little amp last year. You should too. It truly is great for practice. Marty nails it again.

  9. John Shumaker

    Very helpful video, Marty! Another similar and more compact option is something like the Vox headphone amp. It has a great sound, but does not have a direct speaker. It does however have reverb, delay and chorus options. Thanks!

  10. Starlord

    The perfect video for me right now. It's like you're spying on me 😂😂

  11. Julian FP

    The ultimate quiet practicing for electric guitar must surely be to play it acoustically. I do this a surprising amount when I can't be bothered to plug the amp in if I'm sitting in front of the TV in the evenings and pick up my guitar for 5 mins to mess around with during an ad break. It was interesting to see a Boss guy doing loads of interviews at NAMM when they announced the Katana Air – one of his stock PR messages in many of his interviews was "how often do we pick up our guitars and play them acoustically because we can't be bothered to plug in?" and then positioning the Katana Air as addressing that "problem". I have a Katana Air on pre-order and I think it might be a good, albeit expensive, solution.

  12. badcompanym44

    Great videos you have a real talent of dumbing it down and that all that matters. Good stuff

  13. Dat Boi

    Can you do a tutorial for Compass Jamie Lidell I've been looking everywhere but can't seem to find one

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