Twenty One Pilots – Stressed Out Guitar Lesson


  1. ImIronic

    these chords are in a kind of new order to me, some people will get it I-/

  2. Oleg Shock

    мушвикитан бак тайм
    ту зэ гуд олд дэээйс

  3. Руслан Шадаев

    INTRO and 1st Verse CHORDS:
    F – Dm – Am – Am

    Chorus Chords:
    F – Em – Am – Em(x1)
    D – D – D – D
    Am – G – C – E(x3)

    F – Dm – Am – Am

    2nd Verse Chords:
    Am – G – Dm – C(x3) – F – Dm – Am(x1)
    D – D – D – D

    3rd Verse chords:
    Am – G – C – E(x4)
    x1-x2: D – D – D – D
    x3-x4: DDDDU – DDDDU – DDDDU – DDDDU

    Outro chords:
    F – Dm – Am – Am(x4)
    x1-x2: D – D – D – D
    x3-x4: DDDDU – DDDDU – DDDDU – DDDDU

  4. Rise Of The Demon Hunters

    Make one that sounds like the guitar is singing instead of voice, something like "acoustic cover of smells like teen spirit" by Maxwell Hughes you should search him up.

  5. Risa Khan

    U r a great singer and guitarist🙂🙂👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  6. Angel Joleen

    It's who's we could turn back time to the good o'l dayyss when mah momma sang us to sleep but not we're stressed out XD 😛

  7. Alex Shapoval

    Hey! This lesson is great, but I don't quite get how to play chorus. Could you write how it's played like you did for verses?

  8. Lu 18

    Thanks for the amazing tutorial!!
    It really helped me and was very easy to understand😄
    This video totally deserves more likes👍🏽

  9. Gage Chisholm

    Oh my god dude, THANK YOU. You are a life saver, we need more people like you! and I thought I was going to have to waste 20 minutes tabbing it myself xD
    Just…Thanks dude…

  10. Hal Hearst

    Thanks for the tutorial. Very well done! Yes, Joel's cover is fantastic. There is a part in the chorus where (it appears) he is arpeggiating through some of the chords. I wish you have covered that part.

  11. Maya 525

    can you put the chord sheet in the video?
    i am having trouble for finding out the chords because the hands are blocking the way

  12. lunastarr124

    im a semi beginner at the guitar and this helped so much for this song! totally should do more by twenty one pilots!

  13. Sara M

    great tutorial !! holding onto you would be sick to see next !!

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