Waltz in E minor | Carulli | Classical Guitar Lesson | NBN Guitar


  1. joshua rogers

    Kia ora fellow guitarists. Here's the tutorial for the lovely little waltz by Ferdinando Carulli. Don't forget to smash that like button, subscribe, and hit the bell icon to be notified whenever I upload a video. Let your fingers fly!

  2. Cheap Game Deals!

    Hey, Joshua. I love your tutorials. They're some of the best on YouTube. Thanks to you, I've learned Minuet in G & Moonlight Sonata. But I was wondering if you could perhaps do a tutorial on Claire De Lune by Debussy, since there aren't any on YouTube. It's a beautiful piece. Cheers!

    Also, can you suggest which classical song from your tutorials I should try and learn that's on the same level of difficulty as Minuet in G?

  3. Nicola Guglielmi

    Se puoi farmi vedere le posizioni della seconda parte dello studio 11 di hvl quello con le note ribattuta grazie

  4. van1976

    Great tune …good lesson…Song #3 from the "Naod Book"…I play this one all the time…played it inside a crowded train going thru Boston yesterday…no one ever complains. 🙂
    Have a good weekend Josh…
    5 STARS!

  5. Malie Az

    Josh, have you played Rumores de la Caleta? By Isaac Albeniz. I hope im not misspelling it. I was wondering if you have played it before or if it part of your project in the future?! Its a wondeful piece as im sure you know it too.

  6. Malie Az

    Josh, glad to hear from you again! Wonderful tutorial as always.

  7. Levon Baghdasaryan

    Ohh you ceep making videos. I can't believe you're so dedicated to your it. I'll listen to you it now before going to sleep and tomorrow I'll see what I do about it. Very cool, sir. Very very cool. Thank you

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