Adele – Send My Love (To Your New Lover) | Easy Guitar Lesson & Chords



    plz make vedeo for backstreet boys,,,I WANT IT THAT WY,,,and i have to problem to play c sharp ,i cant reach snd i also wanna play LET ME GO,,BY THREE DOORS DOWN ,,bro plz help me. my name is azhar

  2. Alden Epps

    I'm sorry, but this makes n absolutely no sense. At least the riff part. And we need at least a bit more information about the strumming patterns for the song.

  3. fridgedoc

    Ooops !!!! your diagram shows pinkie on the 3rd of B other than that great tutorial 😉

  4. Violet King

    I loved how brief and simple this was! Could have used a little bit expiation on the strum though

  5. Roxcy Lou

    You made this song very possible for me to play. Awesome break-down!

  6. Jonez Tw

    Hi, my name is João, and would you can learn how to play the music End Credits by Eden ? please i need this so much

  7. Bri guz

    am i the only one having trouble playing b minor?😖 its so hard for me to put pressure on my middle finger lmao but then again its only my second day learning chords

  8. Randi

    why can't all tutorials be this simple. do you take requests?

  9. Bobby Johnson

    This couldn't have been thought much better. It looks rushed cos it's just too easy. Hehe. Good job bud

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