ALL OF ME – Guitar LESSON – Melody & Solo – Gypsy Jazz Lesson


  1. Guitarversum Sandra Sherman

    Backing Tracks and TABS available! The link is in the description box. Open the description box below the video by clicking on the little arrow or "show more". Don't forget to click the "return to merchant" button at the end of your order process. That opens the download immedialy.

  2. Remley

    D'jango Sherman! I totally dig this! I'm mostly into swing style tunes, but, you actually make me want to learn gypsy jazz. Thanks for all the time and effort you put into this.

  3. David Gerber

    Whenever I see you have posted a new lesson, I know that there will be valuable content. You are a great music teacher, and we are lucky that you enjoy sharing with us. Thank you! (Looks like 10K subscribers soon!)

  4. Barry Cantrell

    What would I do without you.Please you have genuine fans out there.Ignore all hmmmm

    Serious " you are so special in teaching your style.Sorry to hear you were thinking of giving off giving everything up.What made you thing of that.Of course it is a very hard to to teach people.But take time out if you really need it.I would miss you so much.What made you feel like you should give everything up.YOUR SUPER TEARS OFF YOUR SHOULDER.Cheers kid.

  5. alan burke

    Brilliant! Thanks Sandra. I'm a blues player getting into Gypsy Jazz so I'd love if you could do a series of Gypsy standards.

  6. Eddie

    Great Lesson Sandra. Can you tell which Model is your Gypsy Guitar, it has a great sound. Love your lessons.

  7. SirAndyDee

    Jawohl, daruaf hab ich gewartet. Hab das rhythmus teil schon intus, jetzt geht's ab an die Sologitarre!

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