Autumn Leaves – Smooth Jazz Guitar


  1. 777stargazer

    I saw your lesson on Mississippi swamp blues, will you make a music only video of this type of blues?

  2. Dale Lynn

    I appreciate your Smooth Jazz lessons. Your music sounds like what I hear on the radio. Keep 'em coming.😎

  3. Jimbo in Thailand

    +1 Hanspeter – This song was one of my parent's favorites when I was very young and always brings back pleasant memories for me. My dad used to whistle it beautifully.

    BTW, thanks for offering your backing tracks on your website. Is it possible to have 320kbs versions instead of 160kbs?

    Thanks & keep 'em coming my friend. ;^)

  4. Mykal Anstrom

    …the timing's crazy and a bit creepy. I was just working on getting this song down and when I took a break to check youtube I see a new video notification for this haha

    Stop reading my mind HPCrazy!

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