Classical Guitar Technique- Improve your Tremolo


  1. andy bert

    Thanks Mr . Jorge Caballero I am for two years self-taught learning Guitar and in the second year I work on Guitar hard,but I think I don't progress well… Now I practice and work on Asturias By Isaac Albeniz (it is two month and one hour or two in the 24 hours I exercise on it) But I cannot progress in the the same Tempo a day ago(I work on it from Bar 1 – 45,and more Bar 17 to 45?

  2. Music Mayhem

    Hi Jorge, can you provide a link to the Carlevaro book?

    Thanks for the great videos. I’m inspired!

  3. thebaremonads

    Awesome! What is this CarleBarrios book? I can't find it, or maybe I got the name wrong? Thanks

  4. Lawrence Hiun

    great lesson for tremolo. teach some right hand fingering patterns for tremolo techniques. i,m, a, ch or ch, a, m, i ?

  5. max steinhoff

    this is exactly what I was missing thank you so much no one has quite put it this way

  6. christofinb

    Hi Jorge, I have played classical guitar for about 20 years and have not got anywhere near mastering tremelo, but have began a regime of using many various (as many as I can find) tremelo and arpeggio patterns to steady my right hand, is this a good method to use do you think ? as well as the the advice you have given here.

  7. Vladimir Horowitz

    Hi Jorge, I've been practicing flamenco tremolo with Sueno en la floresta for a while, the reason while I chose flamenco pattern because I once failed with classical pattern in the past, the extra i in the flamenco pattern makes my hand feel more balance. I've tried practicing "staccato" to improve planting and limit my range of motion, also following an advice from a flamenco player to practice iamip instead of normal order piami.

    At the moment I can play "iami" sequence at normal tremolo speed and having no problem playing "p-i" very fast, however whenever I try adding p into the tremolo line, a gap appears so my tremolo becomes either "p…iami…p…" or "piami…piami…" or "p…iamip…iamip…" and if I try harder to force closing that gap, my muscle (the part that connect my right hand wrist and right thumb) becomes rigid and it feels like my brain is also frozen. One time I tried flexing my thumb tip (bending inward the palm in a follow through motion) and achieved a smooth tremolo with no gap at all but it also introduced wrist pain and exhausted right after due to the fact that my right hand curved too much. From that moment, I've used the same approach many times but still cannot repeat that smooth tremolo anymore.

    Another point I recognized when I damp strings and play the whole pattern piami continuously in one string (1st string), after each cycle, my "a" finger seems to be out of ideal position, even if I've already lined up "ami" in the appropriate position for tremolo or try lowering my right hand so my fingers almost pluck the 1st string from underneath.

    Could you please give me an advice?
    Thanks in advance!

  8. kc0dxf

    Some very good and practical ideas here. I especially appreciate the playing examples. We should all strive for a clear tremolo at any speed! Now here's another question for a future video. I am sometimes confused by when to use rest stroke and free stroke. Perhaps this is a very individual thing and in other cases perhaps it is obvious. But still there are times when it might be confusing and different guitarists suggest different approaches for the same passage. Can you provide principles or general ideas on how to decide when to use rest stroke or free stroke?

  9. This is Classical Guitar

    Great lesson Jorge, amazing as usual! I have also found that many students who attempt tremolo and have difficulty also have difficulty with m,a or p, i scale work. So, in general, their fingers just don't have the dexterity and control to tackle tremolo. Do you think students also have to look to other techniques to cross-contaminate their tremolo?

  10. Matthew Taudevin

    Great tips Jorge. I'm trying to get my fingers around groups of 5 note tremelo. 3 note tremelo I'm fine at, 4 note I'm ok at. 5 note is very hard.

  11. Leo Cristán

    Sería genial que hicieras tus videos en español también. Tienes una audiencia grande en latinoamérica

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