Fingerstyle Guitar Lesson, The Fez, Steely Dan, by Jake Reichbart


  1. Jake Reichbart

    Welcome to my 424th solo fingerstyle guitar on YouTube, a lesson/session on how I approach arranging tunes for solo guitar using The Fez, Steely Dan, as an example. Ok, I mean it this time – kindly subscribe, share, comment and please consider supporting me by purchasing my video lessons so I can continue to post weekly videos of the guitar arrangements we all love. Thanks, Jake

  2. Jazzguts

    Yeah Jake, you're from the Era I grew up in. The good creative music time, I miss these days. And besides all the equipment you showed with tons of guitars, I saw your interest in the jazz era, the well known Parker omnibook, the fez is such a fantastic tune and your arranging tour great to watch, I'll spread the word brother, saludos Vic.

  3. M C

    Great work Jake. Been a Dan fan for many a year and this tune constantly amazes me!! Sounds relatively simple but the underlying raunchy groove is monstrous!! Love it!. Just wondered if you have a full performance of the track? Or was this just more a tutorial?. Again, great work. 👍

  4. Josh Ash

    I noticed you are wearing the same shirt in the "Tempted Squeeze" video as the one before it!
    Still..not bad not bad at all great video and thanks for your prolific work – so professional!

  5. rkatz0

    Great stuff, thanks much! Please contact me for some ideas I have about the format of your videos. You have my contact information. If not, no worries!

  6. Steve Douglas

    I realize it's about the music, but man-o-man, I really dig the dry sense of humor. It's totally different from the over-the-top super bubbly stuff that is oh so commonplace. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I'm going to be as supportive as I can be and I'm going to spread the word. I'm really glad I discovered this channel. Outstanding!

  7. tinfoilhatter

    if every school had a music teacher even 8% as cool as you, man….that would be incredible-you're awesome- can't wait for whatever you wanna play next! do record that and post it! i'm sharing it , pointing them here, that is!

  8. tinfoilhatter

    yer a one-man – band, what d'y'need drums for? awesome! where are ya, anyway, -somewhere in the usa? greetings from michigan! yeah nobody can do what you do they can only try! yeah and i bet you've got some great students!

  9. Soiled Bottom

    Heard you mention Zappa…..Stink-foot…For those of us who wear tennis shoes or the occasional python boots…Don't judge me 🙂

  10. Emmanuel Monge

    That a unique whatching you at the precise moment. Creating an arrangement that genious

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