How to play Cosy by the Shadows – Guitar Lesson Tutorial


  1. rae0521

    Sure wish you would have used the musical NOTE NAMES as well as tabs. I play keyboards and fret numbers aren't much use to me.
    I haven't been able to find the paper sheet music for this piece – no search on Goggle will find it. Somebody must have it.

  2. willian Beckers

    Thanks for the great lesson , more Shadows is Nice , or spotnicks , jumping jewels , René and his alligators

  3. robert manser

    Paul I live in Mozambique and the only good shadows tutorials are from you, which are greatly appreciated. Please can you do a tutorial on Shadows SPRING IS NEARLY HERE> many thanks , Bob in Moz

  4. nha ngoc

    Thanks a lot about your teaching clip, I can play it very well…Goodluck to you…

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