Jason’s Parts – Caster Tele


  1. Thomas Tommy

    Cool video. You are an awesome picker. Did you ever play on stage? I'm sure you must have. Thanks for sharing.

  2. StringTech Workstations

    WOW ! This is the first time in 150 videos that I got 3 dislikes the day I put a video up ! Let me clarify something; Jason isn't the only guy in Canada who has licensed Fender parts for sale. But he has supplied the Strat build 3 classes ( 6 students per class ) …. with EVERYTHING … bodies / necks / pickguards / ALL hardware / screws and pots / bridges / tuners … a variety of pickups from Seymour Duncan to EMG to American Fender etc etc . He really did his homework in order to supply the students with the best available parts / hardware / electronics. At any given time, Jason has 100- 150 necks 200 bodies in all different colours ( and raw wood ) available. He has always been a real straight shooter ( no BS ) … offering great product / great service at very reasonable prices; delivering , without fail; every time. Cheers Jason … and thank you !. m/ !!
    Just a heads up for all of the subscribers … when you see the troll dislikes adding up … ( as always ) you know it is others who are envious of Jason's good works. Joyfully … MMcC

  3. Riverdeepnwide

    Oh man that's so funny, that Tele was just calling out to be played and you took right to it!

  4. Michael D

    I've always been a les Paul guy but man there's just something about a tele!

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