Lesson & Free PDF: Prelude BWV999 by Bach for Classical Guitar


  1. Frank Mul

    I picked up this piece after seeing your previous video on it, using your notation.
    It's not just beautiful, but with the various fingerboard solutions and interpretations (also of tempo) that one can try, it also makes for a great practice piece.

    For instance, I have recently started playing the last four notes in bar 5 and 6, on the 4th and 3rd string to keep the bass tone more consistent and practice my fourth finger (rusty after a hiatus of many years).
    The bar 15 stretch is tricky to start with, but becomes surprisingly easy and is definitely worth it soundwise in my opinion.

    Thanks for these very instructive and clear, as well as pleasantly understated lessons!

  2. Alan McCarthy

    great piece ,great lesson and beautiful performance as usual ,question: when you say lute ,do you mean lute harpsichord??

  3. joshua rogers

    "Interesting music will emerge from that meditative texture." Wow. Excellent lesson

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