PLAYING ELECTRIC GUITAR AGAIN (i missed 1 year of practice oops)


  1. Patrick Star

    "One of them can snap in my face"

    When someone rejects you

    (I live a sad life)

  2. ish.

    how do you hit barre chords so well I'm going to dieeee

  3. Neptune v

    Im so happy i found this channel! Im new to eletric guitar can someone please tell me the chordchords and strumming pattern for 4:43

  4. Dez

    I wanna learn Acoustic then Bass and possibly the ukelele or violin or both idk. I already play piano so idk how much that would help me learn BUT YEAH. Any tips on how to get into that would be great. I don't have a guitar yet but i'mma try to get one someday.

  5. Sharisse Park

    Your electric guuitar and my guitar strings are batchmates😂❤️ I haven’t played my guitar for about 2 years😂

  6. Huy Tran

    Just discovered your channel. I also gave up on guitar for 15 years and just started again 14 months ago. Vowed to myself never to stop again as long as I can help it. Congrats on picking it up again and I look forward to seeing more videos of your progress

  7. Shy Wolf

    My brother plays guitar but I think you play the best👍😍

  8. Øceanz

    My mom was born in Oklahoma but quickly moved after she was born. My grandma was born some where but lives in Arkansas now. ooooooof

  9. Angel Octavo

    You have inspired me so much! Guess what? I am actually made my decision… I am gonna learn electric guitar, and I am gonna get my own TOMRROW!!!!

  10. Luisa BC

    I have a guitar since 2011 and i neves changed the strings, actually one of them snapped a long time ago and still havent changed it. I know, its sad. The truth i si havent played much since a got it. Bua i really wanted tô make it look new again. Play more guitar in Your videos. You're good

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