Rumba Flamenca Improvisation Video Tutorial


  1. Arjuna 1

    I came back here to say you thanks.. 8 years ago I startet practising with this videos and now I am so happy about all my achievements.. the best in my life was to start guitar..
    now I can play every song of Estas Tonne and I am very happy..

  2. 林彥甫

    I bought "Guitar Improvisation " last week which indeed includes some great tabs and videos about rumba. However, I don't want to just play tabs as printed on the book, instead I would like to know more about how you free styles each melodies and understand more improvisation theories. Is there any lessons available for me?

  3. Libby K Dimmel

    I think I should have been born Mexican! I so loved Mexico when I had the privilege of visiting so many years ago. I love the people, I love the language, and OH BOY do I LOVE la musica! 🙂

  4. Kaito Orugi

    Amazing  ! i really would like to learn this. Can you make a tutorial for this version please it would be a great help, cause it sounds relly good and i would like to learn it 🙂

  5. guitarlessons

    The G# gives it that moorish feel when using the harmonic minor scale. And yes you should be aware of the chords. Thanks for watching!

  6. kleinebudde

    You add the G# because it's part of the E7 chord, right? Another question: When improvising you should always know which chord is currently played and which is next and regard that in your soloing, right?

  7. Eduardo, Jr. Corpuz

    Superb!!!! +10,000,000 likes… I wish I could play the way you play master. Maybe how many years I need for me to play same like you? 🙂 i practice 4 hours a day only.

  8. 1979maximas

    This is just soooo good, I need help 🙁 I have been trying to do this for about a year and my sausage fingers wont move fast enough………….. practice and practice again I suppose. well dont to you anyway your an inspiration 🙂

  9. guitarlessons

    @MrMarconero It is just a chord progression with the improv on top. THanks for your nice comment.

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