Super Easy Pentatonic Melody in A major for Beginners


  1. marty james

    Great lesson as always. I find the lessons based around chords and using appropriate scale notes extremely useful – much better than just learning songs

  2. maxshp76

    Hi Marco, do you have by any chance tutorial of Sound Of silence?

  3. Sherwan J

    How about a full tutorial for 'Estas Tonne – The Song of the Golden Dragon


    Marco, you have given me hope to be able to play easy yet gorgeous two note chords. I have struggled with losing the span with my ring and little fingers since an operation for Dupuytren's on my fret hand. I had almost given up. I recently found you and now see a light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you for bringing some excitement back into my music life. There is beauty in simplicity. I am 77 and learning again. Big Hug my friend.

  5. Bitch 18

    Pls do some top songs tutorial, I want the old tutorial back😞

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