unboxing another expensive beauty guitar


  1. ofiddlestix

    Hi Randy, like your vids and work. Here is a QUICK & EASY tip. When you open boxes that contain guitars always open from the bottom. If it full of peanuts you only need to remove a small portion of them and then the case will pull up and out of the box and most of the peanuts will stay in the box. I have used this method for years. Ralph in Appleton, WI

  2. JennysCountryChannel

    So great to see you again, Randy πŸ™‚ Great share! Thumbs up like always πŸ™‚ All the best..Jenny β™«

  3. ged

    😎 nice to see up and about. Bought a Taylor 312e 12 fret the other day. Good luck mate.

  4. chickengnawer

    I Agree with UP the Neck-For the Same Reason as U…
    Notes Higher=Up, IMO…
    Get Well Soon, my Friend!
    B )

  5. Skip B

    Be careful, don't end up with pneumonia. Sweating is sign of body trying to cool down. And you have been sick so take special care of yourself brother man. It's up the neck without a doubt. Later

  6. Jerome Terry

    Stop it Randy, I almost spit out my beer. "I'll give you a discount if you don't send your guitar with peanuts". And the intro to stretch for face had me busting a gut too.

  7. Al S

    Up the neck, Randy. Get well, rest, eat well, lots of filtered drinking water to help cleanse the body.

  8. John Borgen

    Coming up the neck like you said! Glad you’re feeling better Randy! Hopefully your honey is feeling better also! Cheers!!

  9. Mic Mac

    Up the neck for me. I think there was a buzz and the owner tried to find the source and took everything appart.

  10. Goaty McGoatface

    I say coming up the neck too, cause the pitch goes up. Hand goes up, pitch goes up.
    but then when I'm talking repairs etc, I reference the 1st fret as the "top" of the neck

  11. SkyScraper Guitars

    Looks super sweet. Rosewood on the back and sides I believe. I'd guess it sounds like a million bucks.

  12. Suzanna Crawford

    Those are additional "sound holes" on that Taylor guitar…Ha. I always go up the neck in my world for the same reasons the notes are going up too. Glad to see you're getting better! So happy to see Q-ball, she's looking/sounding good. Have a great weekend and HOoold Ooon:D

  13. dave miller

    Randy, I'd like to stretch my face but I'm to damn sick and your the only person I know that was sick. So please tell me how you slid this through the videos to me.

  14. jltrem

    Tried stretching my face once. Overdid it. It ripped.

  15. Kenny Coultrap

    The $15 EKG pickup ?
    I have one hanging out of my Martin DX1
    Bookmatched lauan wood ?
    It is hard to tell on back pieces because they are laminated exotic plywood, whereas the faces are bookmatched solid tops.
    They can use anything just to keep you guessing. My 1993 Washburn is Ovancol exptic plywood on the back.
    at KLC Custom Woodworks
    South Carolina

  16. Dane Nichols

    Yep I agree Taylor makes some nice looking guitars. And I knew it was a Taylor from the bridge shape. Up the neck because up in pitch.

  17. Steven Conroy

    My Theory on the Neck question is, Your going UP the Neck, if the Notes are getting Higher, you can ONLY get Higher by Going UP, as far as I know, no one EVER gotten Higher by going DOWN !!!

  18. Sanford Maltman

    Oh and btw I'm on the same page as you, getting closer to the guitar body is going up the neck.

  19. Tim Wilken

    Happy to hear you"re feeling better. It seems your spirits are up. Interlude @ 3:07? I thought I was the only one that did that.Reasons Un Known.

  20. C O

    Up and down the neck. I'm with you 100%. Yeap. That sweat after a cold is common.

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