5 Types of BLACK METAL Guitar Riffs and How To Play Them!


  1. Here On Mars

    beautiful tone. I love that Ibanez put out those Destroyer and Iceman models again. I have my first real guitar which is an Iceman I got a long time ago. Love those guitars. Nice job analyzing the riffs too.

    EDIT: just realized it was a Dean. Woops! I thought it was a Destroyer.

  2. Ol Glez

    Nice! Very concise and informative. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. RJC 72

    Type 6 — minor chord arpeggios using two chords over a half step interval (preferably E minor and F minor).

  4. Chackal Dsbm

    Accurate and explanatory. I really wish I had bumped into this video when I was starting to play

  5. The Uncouth Youth

    & always remember to tune up instead of down & turn the bass down to zero on your amp. Stealing melodies from Disney films is also essential.

  6. VlaiMe

    What is your guitar drop? (sorry for my english I'm french)

  7. Dhananjay

    What type of riffs do Watain play ? For eg in the songs Watersvof Ain and Total funeral

  8. F.

    It's best to discover and understand classic speed metal riffs to make black or metal riffs, also 1st wave of black metal

  9. taxidermy

    And there's also the ''Tremolo Picking Chord'', where you tremolo pick a chord note for note, such as in Ea, Lord of the Depths by Burzum.

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