Avicii – BASS Me Up


  1. Davie504

    My tribute to Avicii. RIP.

    (If you have more songs suggestions, let me know in the comments)

  2. Bullseye11

    Very impressive but can you play Green Day's "Church On Sunday" while you go to a church on sunday?

  3. Logan Croker

    Does anyone know which bass he used is this video? It has an absolutely beautiful look and sound!

  4. 2asumDolfins

    This sounds so coherent and clean. I just love how this is played. Great job!

  5. Codiplee 47

    Tim "Avicii" Bergling
    He was a great guy with great music.
    Some will remember him as a friend, family, but I will remember him as a legend.
    May he rest peacefully.

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