1. C Buda

    I'm not a gamer but the movie kept me interested the whole time. I liked the different characters and Sean Astin was great as usual. Definitely recommend!

  2. Kelsey Hill

    I've already had the pleasure of watching this film and I thoroughly enjoyed it glad I can finally purchase it!

  3. Mario Subrani

    Watched with my son. I've been in tournaments and now he's interested too. We liked being taken into the game itself, very different than other movies I've seen

  4. Ralph Mundune

    Yo is that reflex arena? Sweet job to whoever produced this. I'd recommend it to all the gamers, esports are on the rise man, tournaments are nuts

  5. Akif Baig

    Great movie. Me and my wife thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. We always support Canadian talent. Crazy in game sequences paired with sick music

  6. Dina Inwia

    It’s a great movie. I highly recommend watching it. Great scenes!! Has Sean Astin!!

  7. Amy Glasclose

    Tyler is hot. Wicked movie. I watched it and as a girl gamer I loved seeing another girl being competitive in esports along the way within the movie. What game is this???

  8. N M

    I saw the movie and it's actually really good ! Not being a gamer I was hesitate to watch but the gaming sequences are some of the best parts of the film!! Incredible. It's a movie for everyone… go watch !

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