NEW Rock Rhythm Guitar Course – What to expect


  1. Melanie Perez

    Can you please please please do a tutorial for Jimi Hendrix Mannish boy? It sounds so fun but i can’t figure out the right chords

  2. Knowledge Wanderer

    Once you improve the interface of the website (it is really discouraging to navigate through) and have a clearer offer in a wider strategy (for whom this course is good for and how it relates to the others and what the value in it is), your paid courses will be much more successful.
    You deserve much much more success given the content you produce !

  3. Sean Fowler

    I’ve wanted to play guitar for years and just never went for it, my mate has helped me pick out a guitar and an amp to start off with and he said when I’m eventually confident at either playin lead or rhythm he’ll play with me (he’s a base player) and I love watchin your videos showin how to play my favourite indie rock tunes so thanks and keep makin mint videos 👍🏻

  4. Phil James

    Amazing course …. the quality of which we have come to expect from Andy ….. thanks Andy!!!

  5. Northern Irish Gamer

    This is a course that I’d be genuinely interested to learn! Need to get a new amp but once I do that I may invest! 🎸👍🏻

  6. Bob Crosley

    How does this fit with your other courses, particularly the full beginner's course? I did the electric guitar starter course, but it obviously doesn't have the depth of chords, etc. as the beginner course does. Does this pick up right form there, or does it expect you have knowledge of the chords and techniques in the beginner 'freemium' course?

  7. Ben 1

    Love your channel .
    I have learned so much ed sheeran Songs on your channel (by the way sorry for my Bad english/i am from germany 😉😅)
    Thanks for everything 😍😊

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