Pentatonic Scale Part 1 – G major pentatonic scale


  1. Brian Osbment2

    That is a useful lesson! I've been doing stuff like that for years,but isn't there away to play solos right inside the chord shapes. Or would that be more country and jazz style. I know the rock and metal players use a lot scales. At least I do when playing those styles.

  2. Tim Krause

    I like the lesson, thanks! I couldn't find the PDF on your site, though.

  3. OregonBatman

    This fella knows what he is doing! Makes that guitar SING! If I was half that good… I wouldn't be sitt'n here watchin, I'd be a doin! Great job!

  4. Micha Schellhaas

    Hey! Yes, this video is for the players that are a little bit further and can pick up information by watching me play, checking out my fingers and so on. This is also the first one I did and it's kind of raw and very DIY. Did you check out my other videos? I am explaining the same thing for the E minor Pentatonic with much more detail and another backing track!

  5. Micha Schellhaas

    more is on the way … I keep saying that, and it's taking time to produce new videos and something always jumps in front on it, BUT it's on the list and coming up big time!

  6. Micha Schellhaas

    You are welcome! I'm glad you are getting something out of this lesson. Feel free to hit me up if you have questions!

  7. mpm1111

    I'm a "beginner" at this (teaching myself guitar with the help of you tube) and this lesson is oh so helpful for someone like me. After retirement at age 65 I decided to take up guitar 3 years ago to help ward off any "old timer's" diseases. Thank you so much for this. Cheers!! 🙂

  8. Micha Schellhaas

    haha, ok it took me a bit more than a month but some new lessons are out right now and more to come!

  9. Micha Schellhaas

    Thanks! I really appreciate that. I just put 2 more lessons out! Check them out here on my youtube channel or on my website michamusic! Cheers!

  10. iamglorsy

    I really enjoyed your guitar lesson, very helpful! Thank you. I hope to see more guitar lessons soon.

  11. Micha Schellhaas

    I have a whole new series of free lessons in the making right now… coming out this November!

  12. baasrastus

    This was very well presented and most helpful. Should you feel like doing another, I am sure it would be well received and I, for one would be grateful for it. Thanks.

  13. GuitarGuate

    Hey man i love the thin soud of the guitar wicht fender estratocaster its that, wich model or series

  14. missmoke007

    I love this lesson~~I want to learn to play that last bit you play with the backing track~~

  15. John Schultz

    finally someone who actually made a scale sound musical best guitat lesson seen been searching for ever i hope all your lessons are as musical and enjoyable and informative as this one thanks

  16. cj reyes

    Hi, I am one of your followers in this video, If you don't mind I would like to ask what is the backtrack that you use in this pentatonic scale of g? Can I know the link of it? thank you very much Godbless.

  17. Derek Mason

    I had a different video going when I found yours and am glad I found it. I've been playing guitar for a long while now, regretfully dismissed a lot of scales to play songs, this was very helpful. Thumbs up.

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