Soulful Bluesy Groove | Guitar Backing Track Jam in A Minor


  1. facundo saavedra

    Firts, thanks… and now i have one question if someone can help me a little! Is legal to use some backing track for a song? Well i could just record my own track but some midi instrument doesn´t sounds very good. Bye bye!

  2. Guitarlo

    The whole package is over 200 tunes and a bargain at $20 US cool thing is you can re-download every so often and update with new ones but I do like seeing the cords and frets. best jam track site on the interweb!

  3. Matt Peters

    oh whoa! first time ever searching "backing tracks for guitar" and i thought this was some established most viewed one. i thought i was killing it with this and find out it's a new video! so coming from a total noob, this is amazing man…

  4. Clench 13

    Dang Elevated Jam Tracks!! I was going to practice, now I must jam! Fine work as always sir.

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