Tequila Dan and Shay Guitar Lesson for Beginners // Tequila Guitar // Lesson #496


  1. Chanin Yong

    Dan&shay all to myself plz πŸ˜‰
    that is my favorite song of dan&shay!!

  2. Magical Toaster

    Ik this is a bit advanced but Gary jules mad world would be nice I found few tutorials but prefer to be taught by u pls want to show my friend playing it

  3. Plohka Plohka

    I was expecting mutual…

    But this works!
    (Also, you can probably tell I'm a big shawn mendes fan by the songs I've been requesting, but how's about like to be you? I know that's two requests in a row, but I'm still just discovering these songs so I really have no idea what I want)

  4. Magical Toaster

    Help! I'm not sure if u play bo2 or if u have dlc but I'm asking everyone. I was playing mob of the dead and I actually gave the blundergat easter egg a go and it was actually really easy. I went to build the acid gat but the briefcase wasn't in its usual spot the tutorials on Yt only show 2 spawns not sure if u know if u do can u tell me location pls.

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