Tutorial: Over the Rainbow – Fingerstyle Guitar w/ TAB


  1. Josephine M

    I could you hear you all day long!You schould make videos only with plaing without teaching too! Beautiful…

  2. DJAS

    VOTE KENNEDY IN ILLINOIS! just put this cause everytime I turn on youtube I gotta look at JB pritger. Great lesson.

  3. Gilles Brillant

    que dire?????toutes t'es vidรฉo sont superbe un rรฉgale… merci et encore bravooooooo l'artiste

  4. Alex

    What is the model number of that Takemine? Is it full sized? It has some seriously good tone to it.

  5. Alex

    That's a lucky canine to get serenaded with such fine guitar playing. But, it was hard for us humans to take you serious, with all those facial and body expressions (just kidding). Thank you for the lesson! I'll be making some SERIOUSLY unpleasant faces trying to learn this song!

  6. Finley2013

    Very nicely done. Too bad there are so many ignorant people on YouTube.

  7. dboutte36

    Please do all along the watchtower by Jimi hendrix!!! Please!!!!!!

  8. CorvaxDK

    You always makes it look so easy ๐Ÿ™‚ love the way you teach guitar


    Its Over the Rain Bow bro. No need for Stevie Ray Vaughan impression. unless you pick up a strat.๐Ÿ˜ฒ๐Ÿ˜†

  10. ron frey

    Yes wonderful work I am bankrupt so Im afraid I cant donate at this time
    but I love this song…

  11. Akaash Chandra

    did any of you guys see his dog just lying there, sleeping?! Very good preformance! thank you

  12. Rantie Bollox

    I would love to play these songs but I find this impossible to follow. just a bit too confusing. even with the Tab. I can't seem to follow what your trying to get across.

  13. Skeam

    was this guy nutting when he first started playing it? lmaoo

  14. S1KE

    no offense but you should separate the 2 different versions if you play them both back to back its helle confusing

  15. Domenic Dei

    Thank you so much for teaching us this. My Italian teacher at school wants me to play this in our Italian play and I'm super excited! Thank you.

  16. S_K_C: GAMING

    Ummm…. I know u probably most likely know what ur doing but what's up with the extra long guitar strings

  17. biju mathew

    u r expressions when u played it at the begining <3 ย loved it…..lol

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